lundi 7 juillet 2014

Discover Italy with the Photographic Archive of the Touring Club and Expo Milano 2015


"Italy is the most formidable museum on the planet," said Philippe Daverio, art historian, and Expo Milano 2015 is a unique opportunity to build awareness around our country, "not only for those who come from afar, but also for Italians themselves." The photographic archives of the Italian Touring Club can be a tool to talk about Italy and with this aim, "we decided to promote them through small moments of storytelling," said Susanna Legrenzi, Head of Social Media Expo. "A journey of 100 steps that talks about who we are and reminds us that tourism has a long history," says Legrenzi during the presentation of the project "Welcome to Italy" held in Expo Gate, a partnership between the Touring Club and Expo, which see - starting today and continuing for the next three months - the photos of  the TCI taking a leading role on the Universal Exposition's social media.

From July 3 to September 15, 2014, seven days a week, on the official channels of Facebook and Twitter for Expo Milano 2015 and the Italian Touring Club, cities of art, mountain resorts, sea and lakes, all offer a dialogue with "fans", tracing the profile of a country to which tourism has brought both economic prosperity and a wealth of ideas, processes, social, cultural, service systems, old and new habits and lifestyles.

"The archive of Touring - said its president Franco Iseppi - was born at the end of the 1800s with the idea of recounting an Italy of that age. The personal contributions of the members, in terms of photographs, were crucial and the TCI collected these testimonials, setting up a network 100 years before the advent of Internet. The archive is now available to Expo to talk about a Country from a particular point of view. "It's more a snapshot of life than a monument, more about culture than terminology; it is an emotional point of view.

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