mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Remember Chile at Expo 2010 Shanghai

Pavilion, by Sabbagh Arquitectos

Seen from above, the pavilion in the form of a crystal glass, irregular waves. The main body of the architecture is a construction of steel inlaid with glass walls. A rectangular, like a pole, pierces the crystal glass, with a lateral side of the rectangular component access pavilion of Chile. Five exhibition spaces present especially the design of the city people.

- Visitors will see the habits and customs of Chile exploring two or three "wells dug deep."

- In the center of the pavilion giant egg, you can see a seed in constant evolution, suggesting that the situation of the city is changeable.

- To build the pavilion was used écoprotecteur amount of glass U-shaped material that is transparent but not perceptible to the eye, heatproof and soundproof.

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