samedi 26 juillet 2014

Presentation of the "Work Package" for the Universal Exposition to Participating Countries

"There will be 15-16,000 people who will work on the Expo site, comprising the preparation and six months of the Exposition itself - said Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, during a press conference where the labor agreements for Participating Countries were presented – 4,000 on the worksite, about 1,000 people working directly for Expo during the six months of the Exposition, 8,000 employees of companies linked to Expo and a further 3,000 managing the events led by the Countries.

"As a means of providing certainty over labor rights to foreign investors in the works, two agreements have therefore been signed with union representatives. In accordance with the provisions of the texts presented today, Participants, and their contractors may decide to sign a Framework Agreement for the construction phase of the Pavilions and a Framework Agreement for the operational phase of the event.

Four levels of possible action

"There are four levels of action to provide the necessary flexibility," continued Sala. There is the option of excluding the quantitative limits of fixed-term contracts (for recruitment in the construction phase) or at least the option of providing specific limits (for recruitment in the construction phase). Apprenticeships as incentives for youth employment are envisaged, along with organized working hours, rest periods, vacations, and permission for days off. Finally, a procedure has been introduced that can prevent or resolve disciplinary disputes of a contractual or labor nature, thus avoiding strike declarations.

The "work package" was presented to participating countries on July 23 and "I personally found an immediate demonstration of great satisfaction," Sala said during the press conference. "I thank the unions - said the Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015 - which have once again proved to be collaborative."

Attending were Minister Poletti, President Maroni, representatives of CGIL, CISL and UIL, and the City of Milan

"This is an important step - said Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labor and Social Policy – it tells us that you can handle an extraordinary situation without suspending laws, but with good rules at the same time giving legal certainty. We did not move outside regulatory frameworks which demonstrates that the tools are there."

"Expo is a great opportunity and, also from the point of view of employment, must be fully leveraged for the best outcomes," said Roberto Maroni, President of the Lombardy Region.

"It's a unique agreement in its context - said Graziano Gorla, general secretary of the CGIL Milan - now the real challenge is to see how these agreements will be applied in the field." "We have shown that ordinary tools can be used for an extraordinary event," said the general secretary of CISL Milan, Danilo Galvagni. "We have been able to avert precarious approaches by applying national contracts," said Danilo Margaritella, secretary general of UIL Milan.

"A century-old cliché was overturned and we have shown that the unions are able to do their part when needed - said the deputy mayor of Milan Ada Lucia De Cesaris - The agreement for the Expo is a unique opportunity for agreement and can act as a lever to reverse current economic and employment conditions."

Manpower Group is Human Resources Partner

To help participants manage labor contracts, a Human Resources partner, Manpower Group, was identified through a public procedure, and it is already providing assistance to the Countries. "We provide our expertise to ensure that every new work project at Expo is clear and transparent," said Stefano Scabbio, president and Managing Director of Manpower Group Italia and Iberia.

To ensure that jobs created by Expo Milano 2015 do not end with the closure of the Exposition it is already thinking about the redeployment of workers who are and will be involved. For the representative of CISL "we need to understand how to manage post-Expo" from the employment point of view. "Workers will be employed as trainees and this will allow them to find new positions."

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