mercredi 9 juillet 2014

"Tunisia, naturally generous"

Renowned worldwide for its culinary culture and host to several international agencies for food security, Italy is preparing to welcome in Milan from May 1 to October 31, 2015 an Expo on the challenges our planet faces to feed its population in the new millennium. Expo expects 21 million visitors and the participation of 120 governments, 10 international organizations and 30 private sector entities.

Proposed for this edition of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" theme, wants to include everything related to food, the problem of malnutrition in parts of the world, that of nutrition until the themes related to Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs. This event will be a global platform for best practices and innovative solutions in the field of nutrition, health and wellness, sustainability and technology, an important opportunity to discover the country through a ideal travel between culture, gastronomy and art.

The Tunisian pavilion with an area of ​​400 m², will be located in the "Bio-Med" thematic cluster, organized around a large plot. For the design of the interior, the center of trade promotion (CEPEX) has launched a contest idea in March and the winning project was won by architect Mourad Zoghlami.

To address the theme set by CEPEX: "Tunisia, naturally generous," the architect has a arrangement in the form of "enchanted oasis", based on the specificity of the oasis of Gabes, the only coastal oasis of the Mediterranean and one of the last in the world. An envelope of organic form representing the energy created between man and the natural environment, will mark the visitor. Tunisian flag adopt an architecture that respects the environment, easy to implement and disassemble. An economical, lightweight architecture, which is based on the delicacy to express force.

The project concept offers a well-studied sensory pathways ornamented thematic projections, three-dimensional effects and holograms. The soil will turn into gold sand color yellow, pomegranate, fig and almond trees grow in the shade of date palms. In short, all the senses are awakened during passage through this house or this enchanted oasis to offer visitors a truly immersive experience.


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