mercredi 23 juillet 2014

Malaysia... ready for Expo 2015 Milano...

For Malaysia Expo 2015 starts taking shape. The Asian Country received the lot in the exhibition site. In a space of about 2 thousand square metres, Malaysia will develop the theme of food sustainability for everyone and the path to achieve this goal.

Rice grain and seed : the Symbols of the Pavilion...
The pavilion takes shape from four wooden grains that will trace the path for visitors. The curved design represents the dynamism of the Nation and was inspired by the rice grain and the seed of the  Malay rain forest, which generate its varieties of plants. «They are a metaphor of the economic transformation of the Country – as can be read in a note of the Malay Department of Trade and Industry – starting from a form based especially on agriculture and food production oriented towards industrial exportation, which now reaches a service and industry society with a higher and higher added value».
Travelling through the seeds, visitor will discover Malaysia and its strategies for a sustainable and innovative development related to food and environment.

The Malaysian project team led by Datuk Dr.Wong Lai Sum, Deputy Commissioner General of the Malaysia Pavilion, signed and exchanged official Lot Acceptance Report document with Mr.Giuseppe Filiputti, Construction and Dismantling Division of Expo Milano 2015 at the Campo Base of the Expo Milano 2015

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