mardi 22 juillet 2014

Expo 2015 Milano - Azerbaijan pavilion

Simmetrico Network, in collaboration with Arassociati architectural studio and AG&P landscape architectural studio, has projected the Azerbaijan pavilion for Expo 2015. The project was born and developed around the central theme of biodiversity, peculiarity and treasure of a country made of different climatic, geographical and morphological areas. Inside the pavilion will be realized three big spheres welcoming the visitors and inviting them to discover the territory of Azerbaijan, the variety of its resources and climatic areas, its culinary tradition and the mix of cultures that has always been the greatest treasure of this country.

The pavilion is built with simple and clean shapes, made of typical materials of Azerbaijani territory, according to bio-architectural criteria that provide the minimal energy waste.

The project follows a modular scheme that permits a great flexibility of spaces and the possibility to rearrange the pavilion in different ways.

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