jeudi 27 novembre 2014

A theme for pavilion of Qatar...

Theme "Seeding Sustainability Innovative Solutions for Food Sustainability"

The Concept

Qatar is a desert country, made up of long stretches of sand and dunes, whose inhabitants have always sought creative ways to address the challenges of a lack of food and water. For its water supply, the country has invested in the desalination of sea water, while its food supply has relied almost exclusively on imports.

At Expo Milano 2015 Qatar wants to show its commitment to safe, healthy and convenient food.
From its greenhouses to the table, from scientific laboratories to sport, the country is committed to seeding sustainability, or to achieve a healthy, safe and convenient, through solutions that are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Qatar is committed to building a culture of "healthy living" through the promotion of sports and scientific research for the responsible management of water and precious resources of its land.

The Qatar Pavilion showcases the latest technologies in a holistic, interactive and informative experience: it creates an oasis of innovation, invention, energy, industry and green technologies.

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