lundi 17 novembre 2014

Bulgaria project for Expo 2015 Milano...

Theme “Discover Variety in Nature”


The Republic of Bulgaria is participating in Expo Milano 2015 with a Pavilion that celebrates diversity, tradition, innovation and conservation. Focusing on “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, Bulgaria shares innovations and transfers knowledge, as a contribution to managing food shortages through diversification. It showcases the biological diversity of its unique geographical range of Alpine, Mediterranean and Steppe landscapes, meadows, water-saturated zones, peat lands and lakes, mature forests of conifers, beech and oak, caves and mountain gorges, and unique habitats with many exceptional and rare strains of crops and wild species.

While visiting the self-built Pavilion, that is developed over an area measuring 584 square meters, visitors can learn all about the traditional qualities of Bulgaria’s mineral waters. With over 255 deposits of mineral springs, Bulgaria enjoys a thriving spa and therapy tourist industry with a vast range of pure potable mineral water and thermal baths, whose therapeutic and curative qualities have been known since ancient times. Hisarya – ancient Augusta; Kujstendil – Pautalia; the Burgas mineral  springs – Aque Qualite, later Thermopolis; the baths of Separeva; the Sliven baths – Tanzos; and Sofia – Uilpia Sophia.

In the area of science and research, Bulgaria shows how it uses fewer natural resources in sustainable and competitive agriculture, applying innovative technologies and plantation techniques. It also demonstrates how it achieves food quality and security in traditional products and conserves, through new standards and high-tech conservation techniques.

After their visit to the Pavilion, visitors are encouraged to try and buy local Bulgaria’s products, with presentations of culinary traditions of its regions and cities, and tastings of local yoghurts, white brined cheese, Smyadovska Lukanka (dry-cured Bulgarian salami), Lutenica (relish of chopped tomatoes, with peppers), local wines, and its all-important herbs, teas and infusions.

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