mardi 25 novembre 2014

Albania ready for Expo 2015 Milano !

Albania gets ready for Expo Milano 2015, presenting its participation within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

 This morning, in Tirana, a workshop entitled "Albania gets ready for Expo Milano 2015 " was held, marking Albania’s participation at the Universal Exposition within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster. As part of Bunk'art, the event was opened with a greeting by the Ambassador of Italy, Massimo Gaiani, and was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmond Panariti; the Deputy Minister of Economics, Brunilda Paskali; the Commissioner General of Albania for Expo Milano 2015, Manjola Gjoni; the Project Director of the Expo 2015 Clusters, Filippo Ciantia; and the Head of Bio-Mediterranean Cluster for the Sicily Region, Dario Cartabellotta. The audience attending the workshop was able to see a series of installations that anticipated the theme statement of Albania entitled "Our food, our history, our mystery ..." .

Food and hospitality in the Albanian tradition

Albania offers visitors the opportunity to know and experience its natural beauty and its cuisine: the result of Mediterranean, European and Balkan influences, but also the creativity of its regions, its history and its typical products. Traditional and folklore, in the sign of friendliness and hospitality that has always characterized the Albanian people. "We aim to uphold our food traditions that are deeply connected to our history. - Said the Commissioner General of Albania for Expo Milano 2015, Manjola Gjoni, - Ours is a country that has for centuries been a crossroads of cultures, both western and eastern, and for this reason we enjoy a variety of foods which have united Albanians, Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics alike all around at the same table. This example of religious coexistence is a value that we wish to promote at Expo Milano 2015".

Albania in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

"The Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster will be a shared space, a typical village whose many contributions will bring it to life during the six months of Expo Milano 2015, managed together with all countries that are part of it. - Explained Filippo Ciantia, - The Cluster is not based simply on a geographical aggregation but on the idea of the meeting of peoples, cultures and religions that have given life to a diet and a way of life, known throughout the world: the Mediterranean diet. "The common denominator of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, the Mediterranean Sea is a symbol of fusion, intersections and diversity. Food is just one of the elements that continually help to secure and spread the uniqueness of this area of the world, thanks to products like bread, oil, grapes. In the Cluster exhibition space, visitors can find these products and in the semi-covered central square, inspired by the typical squares of Mediterranean cities, can see cooking shows and food preparation.

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