mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Pavilion of the European Union...

Growing Europe’s Future Together for a Better World


The title chosen by the European Union for its participation in Expo Milano 2015 aims to create an emotional connection between visitors and the Exhibition theme, demonstrating its commitment to building a Europe and a world that is ever more sustainable.

 The European Union will explain how feeding the planet means so much more than just taking care of food. It means implementing a well functioning internal market and a multilateral trade system, and it means setting standards for food sanitation and promoting efficient logistics.

The European Union features in the various Thematic Routes planned for Expo Milano 2015. In the story of the history of mankind for example, one discovers grain, as an example of how food can unite people of different cultures. It is the same with the paradox between food abundance and scarcity – another Expo Milano 2015 theme that the EU considers as one of its objectives, just like eliminating hunger through its participation in development programs, while at the same time addressing the increasing obesity among its citizens. And there is the central role of research, looking for new and more sustainable ways to feed the world's population – which is rising steadily – with food that is safe and European.

In addition to embracing all the themes, the European Union, with its own dedicated Thematic Route, will involve the pavilions of all the member states, encouraging visitors to collect in each of these a different object, such as a seed or a token, that together form a personal collection that can then be assembled in the pavilion of the European Union.

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