vendredi 28 novembre 2014

"Taste Food, Feel Life", with pavilion of Serbia

Theme "Taste Food, Feel Life"
The Concept

A harmonious blend of flavors, food and memories of antiquity, tradition and modernity: this is the atmosphere reflected in Serbia’s participation at Expo Milano 2015.

With its 250 square meters of exhibition space within the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, Serbia seeks to stimulate dialogue among visitors about the problems that still exist in the field of nutrition. This aims to reveal, on the one hand, its cultural identity, its history and its traditions; and on the other, the possibilities posed by the combination of the territory’s rich natural resources and technological innovation in agriculture, promoting a better quality of life and food.

Serbia’s cultural, social and gastronomic identity was and is today influenced by its historical and geographical proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, so its decision to participate in the Cluster dedicated to this region is not by chance.

Within its exhibition space, Serbia develops three "thematic paths" that run through the country's history and the evolution of its cuisine: Wheat and Water – Food of Neolithic to Modern Man, an exploration of the origins of modern Serbian cuisine, mirroring the spirit of its people; Organic Serbia – Food that is Organic and Healthy, as Energy for the Future, or in other words, a rediscovery of traditional recipes using local ingredients, grown in a natural way, such as raspberries; Fusion Cuisine from Serbia – Food as a Tourist Attraction, because if it is true that to learn about the life, culture and traditions of a country you have to taste its food, this applies even more so in Serbia, where its cuisine results from centuries of exchange between different cultures and civilizations.

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