mardi 18 novembre 2014

History... remember Colombia pavilion during Expo 2010 Shanghai

 The outside wall of the Pavilion, great tower with different Butterfly decorations is revetted tropical style.

Areas of exposure of 'the region of the Pacific ocean', 'the region of the Caribbean', 'the region of Antis', 'the region of the Orinoco River', "the Amazon region" present by multimedia videos, touch screens, modules..., and customs, natural resources and urban development in Colombia in the past, the present and the future.

- The region of the Pacific ocean exposes modules from the sea, typical containers etc. Sound like waves effect brings you in the region of the Pacific ocean,

- The region of the Caribbean presents the beautiful Caribbean beach with white sands and the model of the great castles to the edges of the sea.

- The region of Antis presents the development of major cities and the coffee-growing region.

- Thatched houses in "the Amazon region" do you visit particular forest landscape of the Amazon.

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