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History - Serbian pavilion at the Liége Universal Exposition, in 1905.


Commissioner general: Mr. HOGGE-FORT, Consul of Serbia, in Liège.
The Office Secretaries: Mr Knight WINIWARTER, DOBROSLI ZEBITCH
Commission in Belgium: Honorary President: h.e. Dr. VESNITCH, Minister of Serbia, Paris and Brussels.
Honorary Vice-President: Mr. Léon CASSEL, Consul general of Serbia in Brussels.
Chairman: Mr. G. H. ANTOINE, Consul of Serbia, in Antwerp.
Vice-Chairmen: Messrs. Dr. DWELSHAUVERS, in Liège. GODCHAUX, engineer, in Brussels.
She got 158 Awards, including 7 major awards, 8 honorary diplomas and 27 gold medals.

The Serbia joined officially the first has the Liége exhibition. It moved as Montenegro, under the large fairways of la Boverie Park. I don't know if all Serbian monasteries are identical to the Pavilion which encloses the exposure of the Serbia or if they simply have an air of kinship with it. Perhaps were we delegated the most consummate and the most gracious type for the sole purpose of inspire us to regret to have not been able to desert the battle of life and hide
in the calm and the sweetness of the cloister for sinking these days woven silk and gold
which tells us the ancient wisdom.

The Serbian pavilion is the facsimile of a monastery of the country. It has character and character with its walls white, styled with a square Tower, Star eyes-de-boeuf, indented by windows, capuchonnes of red tiles and its colonnade of marble forming storefront, under which two Serb soldiers add to the illusion.

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