dimanche 30 novembre 2014

The NEW website of Czech pavilion...

We're very glad to discover the new website of Czech pavilion...
a nice place to learn more about this participation :


The Czech Pavilion for EXPO2015 represents top Czech modular architecture. Its purpose is to provide an adequate space for exhibitions and the facilities they need with the help of simple modular technology.

The unique architectural design is made possible by the principles of modular structuring. It is precisely its modular structure that will enable the pavilion to be recycled in the future.

The collapsibility of the pavilion enables much more effective use of non-renewable resources. The whole pavilion will become a lesson in renewability, cleaning and reuse of common elements such as water.

The design will enable the pavilion to substitute for several different functions. After returning to its home country, the pool could become a floating pontoon by the Prague warps and help develop the concept of enlivening urban riverbanks. After a simple modification the modular section of the pavilion will become a nursery.

And something very useful, a timeline to follow the work !

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