samedi 14 février 2015

The fabulous pavilion of Republic of Korea at Expo 2015 Milano !!

Theme “You Are What You Eat”


At Expo Milano 2015, the Republic of Korea will provide an arena for dialogues on the future of providing food for humanity. A future in which food is provided in a safe, healthy and equitable manner. The Republic of Korea Pavilion showcases the diverse culinary practices that are rooted in the country’s cultural traditions. In addition, it explores ways to further enhance their relevance in both the present and the future of human society, utilizing highly advanced science and technology in the fields of food, environment, and human physiology.

 The pavilion will be constructed with the architectural theme of the “Moon Jar”, a traditional pottery vessel in the shape of the full moon. During the past, pottery in Korea was transformed from simple ceramic grain bowls into beautiful celadons and porcelains. These bowls represent Republic of Korea’s theme of Expo Milano 2015. The Republic of Korea Pavilion explores the possibilities of taking its precious heritage of culinary tradition into the future, and demonstrates how to apply these traditions to resolve challenges for the whole of humanity. These traditions are based on Koreans’ long-held belief that nature is not an object to be conquered by humans, instead it is to be revered and understood. Republic of Korea believes that the answer to humanity’s challenges of providing food should come from nature itself. Through diverse exhibitions and dynamic participatory activities, the Republic of Korea Pavilion shows that a healthy and sustainable food culture can also be full of fun and exciting.

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