samedi 21 février 2015

About the Greek pavilion ?

Theme “Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health”
The Concept

The theme "Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health" is based on the inherent wisdom of the Greek diet as a universal standard for the production and consumption of food products which are affordable and delicious, that have stood the test of time, and above all, promote physical, emotional, community and environmental health.

The main doctrines of Greek food easily relate to the Expo’s main theme, Feeding the Planet - Energy For Life, with Greek cuisine being known for its endless range of plant-based dishes and for recipes that vary depending on the season and region. With so much adulteration in food production in industrialized western societies, Greece stands out: Greek food is still pure and unprocessed. Food-related issues which burden western societies, such as obesity, allergies and gluten intolerance, can be largely overcome by the adoption of the Greek diet. The Greek diet combines two seemingly contradictory elements: indulgence and health. It is a diet of inclusion, not abstinence. It is a diet that embraces the joy of life.

These are the messages that the Greek pavilion of Expo Milano 2015 communicates. The interactive pavilion informs the public about the purity, nutritional value, tradition and effectiveness of Greek products and businesses. Through the use of technology combined with an artistic, visual approach and the use of traditional objects, the pavilion will feature visual and sound installations and interactive installations. There will also be a botanical garden and the opportunity to purchase Greek products.

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