mercredi 11 février 2015

Significant progress of Uruguay pavilion

Within 100 days of the start of the Milan Expo 2015, construction of the Uruguayan pavilion is registering significant progress, according to schedule. The pavilion, innovative design, is located in a privileged space on one of the main avenues of the expo. It will house various interpretive spaces where visitors can experience the cuisine, culture, landscapes and traditions.

The building has three floors and 785 m2, has a fully removable structure. Its construction is being done with recyclable and reusable materials, according to the rules of the exhibition, which requires that all buildings are made of recyclable materials in a short time.

The façade canopy is constituted by a suspended shell structure combining rustic pieces of wood and steel vertical elements. This outer part will behave like a shade cloth to protect from solar radiation to the walls of interior-exterior facade, since this universal exhibition will take place throughout the summer. The inside of the building will be wrapped in a piece of opaque white, which will open using curved cuts that define the contact with the ground and the public square.

Its oval shape will be covered by a perimeter spiral ramp to allow access to different levels. Inside, the pavilion will host an exhibition area where visitors can experience an audiovisual immersion experience on our country. It will also feature a gastronomic space where you can taste the Uruguayan grill, a business center available for Uruguayan interested in maintaining business meetings on site and a gift shop that offer characteristic products of our country.

The project was designed by architects of the National Meat Institute (INAC) and the company Campana Costruzioni, renowned firm of Brescia, is in charge of the work.

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