mardi 3 février 2015

Somalia Signs its Participation for Expo 2015 Milano

 "Expo Milano 2015  - said the Somali Commissioner - is a unique opportunity for Somalia that for at least a quarter of a century has  not been  part of the marketplaces where the most important in the world congregate. With this participation we return to the international stage. The theme   ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ touches us very closely. Much has been said about Somalia as a country of famine: we want to show that we are already able to export and be self-sufficient in certain areas. "

Somalia participates in the Cluster dedicated to 'Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones’ with a new approach: They will share a pavilion of 125 square meters  with other participating countries, in which each will have its own exhibition space. "We chose this Cluster because geographically Somalia lies in these areas, but mainly because we want to bring our experience as a country leader in the sale of livestock. We can talk about sheep, cattle, camels or goats. Today, many people do not know that Somalia exports abroad about 5 million heads of livestock per year, mostly to the Gulf countries. We want to bring our culture and show our potential. " Finally, Abdulakadir Hagi Ibrahim wanted to remind all that this is a strategic choice for his country: "We chose this area to attract the attention of many entrepreneurs. Our economic objective - he added - is to transform the proceeds of such exports to create a system of food-industry in Somalia, where   Italian businesses could be strongly interested in participating in the near future. "

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