lundi 23 février 2015

History - Monaco pavilion at Expo 1873 Vienna

Monaco pavilion in Austria
Universal Exposition of Vienna in 1873

Since all major countries are represented at the Vienna Exposition, the state of Monaco could not fail this important appointment. In reality, the Principality of His Serene Highness Charles III (Honore-Grimaldi) does not contain the twentieth part of the population of Vienna, but it’s an independent state, richly endowed by the nature and capable of representing a fairly active industry. The results of this industry are grouped in the pavilion which we publish the engraving, and they testify to visitors of the work and efforts of this small country. Lemons, oranges, carob beans, olives are the main products of Monaco; which also makes braids for straw hats, and has distilleries highly valued species.

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