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History - Korea at the World Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893

3D reconstruction of Korea stand at the Expo 1893 Chicago (pic from the movie about Korea in World Expo) © Laurent Antoine LeMog)

In 2012, Korea was very proud to organize for the second time an international Expo. After Taejon in 1993, it was to Yeosu to host this event in the beautiful coastal area of southern countries.

But history of Korea in Expos is much older... and begin in 1893, in Chicago.

Here a few words, about this Expo of Chicago and participation of Korea :

Chicago 1893
The World Columbian Exposition.

This expo 1893 celebrates the fourth centenary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.
Located in Jackson Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, it received more than 27 million visitors from May to October 1893.

This World Expo is best known for his architectural achievements, the White City, and for its Ferris Wheel in the entertainment area of Midway Pleasance.

This Expo would allow Korea to promote its identity, to be heard in an international environment and create links with Western nations.

The Korean exhibition, between Colombia and Ecuador, was located in the largest palace, the Manufactures and Liberal Arts.

The stand at the open structure is inspired by Korean construction. There are traditional clothing, military, guns, pipes, korean musical instruments, and a wide variety of household goods.

Some shots from the 3D project :

The Korean pavilion of Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/koreaexpo2015

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