vendredi 6 février 2015

History - Poland at New York 1939 World's Fair

POLAND in New York !

THE POLISH PAVILION (Jan Cybulski and Jan Galinowski, architects; Cross & Cross, associate architects), with its tower rising high above the main entrance on Continental Avenue, presents the story of Poland as she is today and as she intends to be in the future-an active, vigorous member of the family of nations.

Entering the building, you see a Court of Honor in which a bronze monument of Marshal Pilsudski and an exhibit of original documents executed by Polish kings stress the democratic traditions of the republic. Another section of the Court portrays the country's participation in the development of America, beginning with the arrival of the first Polish immigrants in 1608 and the participation of Polish soldiers in the American Revolution.

From the Court of Honor you pass . into the Hall of Science, where more than 200 inventions of Polish origin are displayed.

The Republic's maritime development is depicted in another section, where two dioramas show the seaport  Gdynia as a small fishing village in 1921 and as it is today-a modern seaport of 130,000 inhabitants. Illuminated maps and charts show the development of the Polish merchant marine.

Monument to the polish king Wladyslaw Jagiello.

In a Polish fashion display, eight models demonstrate ladies' wear designed and produced in Poland. The Exhibit includes natural silk grown in that country and the latest pattern for fabrics of native design.

Occupying a separate building adjoining the main pavilion, a modern bar, a popular tavern, a terrace cafe and a de luxe restaurant provide a gourmet's paradise. The bar features 400 different kinds of hors-d’œuvres, Polish zakaski, rare Polish honey wine, and a dozen different kinds of vodka.

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