mardi 6 mai 2014

Concept of the Malaysia pavilion...

Theme "Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem"

The Concept

Malaysia’s theme of participation is designed to harmonize with the efforts of Expo Milano 2015 in addressing the complex and universal question of food, from an historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technical, scientific, economic and ecological perspective.

In its 2,047 square-meter pavilion, which is both traditional and innovative in design, it illustrates, from seed to table, the National Key Economic Area Agriculture system, the program that is transforming agriculture on a small scale in a key area of the country’s economic development.

The experience of Malaysia as one of the 17 mega-diverse areas of the world, with its rich cultural heritage and high quality halal food, is made available to all visitors in perfect equilibrium with the aims of Expo Milano 2015.

As a participant it aims to demonstrate that high-value, sustainable agriculture can alleviate poverty, promote private investment and address the ecological issues related to food production. Science, innovation, food, culture and cooperation are all themes that come together during a visit to the Malaysian pavilion, complete with graphic and interactive materials and multimedia. A Café and restaurant complete the visit.

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