vendredi 30 mai 2014

Swiss... Switzerland pavilion project...

Theme "Confooderatio Helvetica"

The Concept

With its unique take on the theme of Expo Milano 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Switzerland, which was the first country to join the Expo Milano 2015, reflects on the scarcity of food resources in the world and shows the other side of abundance. Its pavilion is made up of five towers, full of local food products which the visitor can take away. But there is a limit to the resources available... to exceed that limit is to deprive other visitors of the same opportunities.

Thanks to the modularity of the structure, the platform on which the towers stand is lowered as they are emptied, allowing everyone to see for themselves their own habits of consumption.

The project, which focuses on the availability and distribution of food resources in the world, invites visitors to reflect on their behavior as consumers.

Pavilion Architecture

The pavilion, which covers an area of ​​4,443 square meters, combines industrial elements and tradition and is a project by studio Netwerch GmbH Brugg. While the towers, acting as deposits, recall the world of technology and machinery, the wooden terrace and buildings with gabled roof allude to the traditional Swiss villages. Much of the Swiss pavilion provides open access areas in which visitors can move around freely, while there is a ticketing system for accessing the food towers located in the center.

Arriving from the Decumanus, the majority of visitors enter via a ramp leading to a raised terrace that houses at its center, a courtyard where the five towers are situated. On the terrace visitors can find the reception where they can collect their tickets to the towers, a stage for concerts and a tavern with restaurant, shop and VIP lounge in the loft area. On the platform they can view a themed exhibition on food types and nutrition in Switzerland.

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