mardi 20 mai 2014

Italian pavilion... Video !

Padiglione Italia

A May 2013 study Nemesis & Partners , in collaboration with Proger and BMS Projects for the engineering and Prof. Livio De Santoli for sustainability, has won the international competition launched by Expo 2015 SpA for the design of the Italian Pavilion .

The project involves the construction of the Italian Pavilion at Palazzo Italy ( about 13,000 square meters of 6 levels above ground ) , and building permanent heart of Expo 2015 , and the temporary buildings of the Cardo ( 10,700 sq m on 3 levels above ground ) .

The concept of the architectural project of the Italian Pavilion of Nemesis & Partners is an " urban forest ."

Italian palace is inspired by a ' " natural architecture " in which the plot of the outer branched creates a scenario that refers to works of Land Art "skin" of the building envelope evokes a primitive figurative and interprets coherent concept art to guide the competition, " nursery Italy " created by Marco Balikh , declined in the image of a " petrified forest " .

The surface of the plot branched out into the external façade will be composed of concrete panels Biodynamic Italcementi realized with technology Styl- Comp .
The canopy cover of Italian Palazzo will be realized by Stahlbau Pichler while the construction of the building is to work with Construction Consortium Veneto Italian Cooperative .
Palace welcomes Italy : event space on the ground floor , exhibition spaces on the other levels of representation , conference / meeting spaces for the restaurant including a VIP restaurant located on the fourth level and a rooftop terrace.

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