dimanche 25 mai 2014

Pavilion Project for Moldova... by Gorgona

Theme "Shine the Light - Energy of Sun, Energy of Earth, Food for people" 

 The Architecture of the Pavilion

An enticing and inspiring shade of apple green is the key feature of the project developed for Moldova by Gorgona Architecture & Design Studio together with the artist Pavel Braila. From its furnishings to the large colored beams that surround the structure, extending over a total exhibition space of 747 square meters, everything is modeled to recall the shapes of a large sliced ​​apple, evoking the idea of freshness, as a flavor and characteristic that Moldova wishes to share with its visitors.

The long corridor flanked by green plants, crosses a large glass cube to convey care for the environment, innovation and humanity, and leads visitors to the biozone of Moldovan agriculture, where they can learn about Moldova’s traditions, food and local wines.

The central element of the pavilion is a solar flower, placed on top of a large glass cube. It is an installation of mirrors consisting of thousands of facets that capture and reflect sunlight, re-projected in thousands of bright spots. Other highly evocative elements include: planetary constellations that visitors encounter upon entering the pavilion, and a giant screen where visitors can watch the movie, JOC. The film, made specifically for Expo Milano 2015 by Pavel Braila, tells the story of the legendary group JOC, the oldest and most famous folk dance group in Moldova, which was formed in 1945, and which has, over the years, given more than 7,000 performances all over the world.

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