vendredi 23 mai 2014

UK PAVILION EXPO 2015 by Wolfgang Buttress

A structure inspired by the unique role of the honeybee will represent the UK on the world stage at the Milan Expo in 2015, awarded to Nottingham based artist Wolfgang Buttress who won the competition. “The ethos behind the design is to create something quiet which says a lot with as little as possible.  It is a pause point and a place for contemplation within the Expo; the whole pavilion can be an experienced as a journey highlighting the honeybees’ importance in food production” says Wolfgang Buttress.

UK PavilionBritish companies Stage One and RISE have been awarded the £6 million contract to build the winning design, bringing together their creative construction and construction management capabilities. Together the winners represent Nottingham, York and London, with the contracts bringing new jobs to the 3 regions. There will be a 6 month curated programme celebrating the best of UK music, culture, technology, research, design and food.

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