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French Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 - Architectural Notion

A territory – building,
A fertile marketplace

If the planet wished to eat like the West, a number of planets would be necessary… Civilisation will need to evolve: it should produce and consume in a different way!

The soil, a fertile ground
a resource for the potential

Ground Floor Strategy

Simply because geology has supplied her with a wide range of soils, France has a wealthy genetic heritage, adapted to nearby conditions, an essential resource to create in a different way! These soils have also created a cultural and gastronomic heritage of higher good quality. With its double characteristic, France can initiate new practices and a new frame of mind!

“The soil, fertile ground of the new meals revolution.”

To this slogan, we respond with a undertaking that relates to the piece of territory.

Mezzanine prepare

A Territory – Developing

A roof, a great market

The undertaking continues the theme of the wonderful market place. A hall, open to the city, a big roof and its shade, pillars that support the building and organise the exhibition, light, and a great breath of air in the summer heat!

A productive industry!
A fertile industry!

First floor program

At the time of short circuit retails, it reinterprets the market model: as soon as a area of exchange, tomorrow’s market place will be a place of manufacturing to be consumed on the spot! Right here we have the exhibition on the ground degree, the consumption on the terrace and the manufacturing on facades and roofs.

On the facades, we expand hops, on the terrace aromatic herbs, and in the restaurant, greens to be eaten on the spot. Hydroponic manufacturing that depicts the French innovation in partnership with the world leader of the sector!

It is the picture of a “fertile market”, in direct production-consumption technique. And at the finish, there will be a excellent occasion for the harvesting of hops.

East elevation

An inverted landscape, 4 pillars

Beneath the horizontal roof, the Great Industry presents itself as a “reversed” and magnificent landscape that tends to make the buzz… A landscaped ceiling that evokes the French identity born from territories. The architecture expresses the 4 pillars that underpin the exhibition: “feed the globe nowadays, feed the world tomorrow, pleasure and meals, commitment to the future”.

South elevation

A huge wooden construction,
a totally free form

The project, all wood (structures, floors and facades), expresses the French expertise in timber frame, in its most “revolutionary” type: free of charge varieties. Assemblies are invisible, complicated geometry is made of digital cutting, all technologies that the company controls, serving the architectural high quality. It is spectacular, modern, graphic. It is the 2 elementary and founding. It is bare wood.

West elevation

Competition: French Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015
Award: First Prize
Architects: X-TU
Location: Milan, Italy
Project Leader: Mathias Lukacs
Collaborating Architect: Atelien Architecture
Companies: C.M.C di Ravenna, Simonin
Client: FranceAgriMer
Multimedia: Innovision
Lighting Designer: LICHT KUNST LICHT
Research Office: OASIIS, Grontmij
Landscape Gardener: BASE
Acoustic Specialist: Viasonora
Kitchen Designer: BECP
Graphic Designer: Chevalvert
Cultural Engineering: Lordculture
Production: Les Films d’Ici
Cost: 14 m€
Area: 3286.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: X-TU

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