jeudi 22 janvier 2015

A warm welcome to the Turkish Pavilion for Milano-Expo 2015

GOOA | Global Office Of Architecture designed the ‘Turkish Pavilion for Milano-Expo 2015′ in Milano, Italy.
From the date of foundation works closely with “LAB255 Architertural Office” in Milan.

Informations from 51Arch (park of architects)

Description from the architects:

The pavilion shall be a single building on the 2898 sq.meter plot, allowing 30 percent of that area to be used as an open space as dictated by the EXPO 2015 rules. The roof of the exhibition hall made in the form of the skirt, which is used for the traditional ritual turkish dance “Sema”. Thus, the Turkish pavilion will have its own feature and will stand out. The material for the roof is metal. For walls were used a glass to interest visitors from the outside, and also visually make Pavilion airy.

The open space shall avoid visitor queues, and at the same time provide an area to set up kiosks of Turkish “Street Food” . The pavilion shall be a two storey construction . The first floor will demonstrate the gradual evolution of culinary multiculture of Turkey, together with agricultural techniques first applied in Anatolia. Second floor will host a Turkish Restaurant where visitors may taste many original Turkish food. Remaining space shall be used to accommodate a VIP room, a gift shop, offices and a store room.

The pavilion will feature screens for introductory movies regarding the main theme of Turkish Pavilion, “Digging into history for future food” depicting stories of invention and development of farming equipments, changes in diet of local people living in Turkey.

There will also be touch screen kiosks containing information regarding Turkey, agriculture and food culture in Turkey, local recipes, endemic plant lists and information regarding cultural activities and tourism.

All the exhibits will include QR codes, with which the visitors can use their smartphones/tablet PCs to receive and download further information regarding the exhibits via mobile programs of the pavilion.

The pavilion is planned to have interactive floor and wall projectors, with which the visitors play games, interact with the exhibits, post their experiences and pictures to the internet site of the pavilion, participating in sweepstakes and polls.

The pavilion will also feature transparent LCD screens with animations, combining antique tools of farming with modern day animation technology.

There will also be a performance stage inside the pavilion, where cultural activities and live performances will be presented.

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