mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Corporate... New Holland Agriculture pavilion

Respect the land and grow the future

In participating at Expo 2015, New Holland Agriculture takes the opportunity to show how a world leader of agricultural mechanisation interprets the present and prepares for the future of farming. A future that is sustainable and fair, in which the production of quality food, clean energy and high revenues are part of a single virtuous circle based on the use of renewable resources, respect for the land and the environment, and the elimination of wastage.

The concept of the Sustainable Farm Pavilion
The entire concept is inspired by the Clean Energy Leader® strategy pursued by New Holland since 2006 and in particular by the Energy Independent Farm project presented and awarded in 2009 at SIMA (Salon de la Machine Agricole), the international agri-business show of agriculture and livestock in Paris. It is based on energy self-sufficient farms and the belief that, free from the constraints of fossil fuels, farmers can "grow" their own sources of bioenergy.

Recchiengineering, one of the Italian leading companies in the field of design, project and construction management, is the group leader of a multidisciplinary project team composed by Carlo Ratti Associati (project leader), NÜSSLI Italia, Manens-Tifs, Studio Durbano that  has been appointed as the creative agency for the pavilion, following a competitive pan-European tender. Its project best interprets New Holland’s commitment to sustainable efficient farming. Through an attractive building, multiple interactive tools, video installations, augmented reality as well as tractors and harvesters displays, visitors will experience and understand how New Holland is promoting the importance of sustainable farming. The pavilion will be sustainably built, dismantled and reused for a different purpose after the Expo event.

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