lundi 26 janvier 2015

From Monday, January 26 to Thursday, January 30, Expo Milano 2015 will be at Cisco Live Milan

Milan - Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1 MiCo Milano Congressi / 26 January - 30 January 01:30 PM

From Monday, January 26 to Thursday, January 30 Expo Milano 2015 will take part in Cisco Live Milan , one of the most important events at the international level in the field of Information Technology. The event will be held at the MiCo - Milano Congressi and the program includes conferences, meetings and training opportunities with the best IT professionals. Expo Milano 2015 will have a space shared with Cisco and will be represented within specific events.

Expo Milano 2015 at Cisco Live Milan

Expo Milano 2015 will be at Cisco Live Milano in an information space shared with Cisco, that will be open to all visitors. In addition to this, there will be specific events dedicated to the Universal Exhibition, in particular on Tuesday 27 a presentation by Guido Arnone, Director of Technology Innovation and Digital Expo Milano 2015. Other meetings on the theme of the Expo will focus on the technologies that Cisco will provide this grand international event, transforming the Exhibition site into a real smart city, able to fully involve the visitor and offer a number of services.

A fully Smart Universal Exhibition, thanks to Cisco

Cisco IP Networks & Solutions Partner for Expo Milano 2015 , which means that together they will achieve the creation of a set of networks and information services for the Universal Exposition. Thanks to the latest technology, Cisco will make the Exhibition Site a showcase for the Digital Smart City of the future. Attendees and exhibitors will have a multitude of different solutions, all operating on a single platform. The system that Cisco has designed for Expo Milano 2015 will be able to provide services in logistics, security, energy management and restrooms. At the same time, users can use it to share and exchange information, according to the concept of the Internet of Everything.

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