jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Turkey at Expo 2015 Milano

Theme of participation “Digging into History for future Food”

While addressing the issue of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Turkey focuses its participation on its long and rich heritage. Food is life, and life in these lands started around 12.000 years ago. The Pavilion provides a setting where a mixture of cultures and technologies come together and work towards a common belief. Turkey is eager to produce innovative solutions about the basic problems on the earth such as nutrition and energy. Turkey also wants to share all the experience gained from lessons learned throughout its long history. Inside the Pavilion will be exhibited Turkish culture, traditions and technology.

Based on Expo Milano’s primary discussion topic, the Turkish Pavilion aims at answering such questions as: "How do we create the right conditions for mankind? How can adequate and healthy food sustainability be provided? How can we provide a delicate balance between human, land, water and air?”. Turkey is also engaged in policies to develop innovative food production techniques, including those relating to ecological balance, protection of species and food security. Turkey will open up its new innovative approaches to international cooperation. The Turkish Pavilion occupies 4.170 square meters in a mix of open, semi-open and enclosed spaces. It will include a restaurant, souvenir shop, exhibition venues and a food bazaar. Visitors will interact with sharing technologies as they move through the spaces of the Pavilion.

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