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History - Walk in Russia at the World Expo 1867 in Paris - Part 2

Russians products, presented in the palace galleries.

As we have learned in the first section on Russian participation in World Expo 1867 in Paris, this country was represented in two main areas of exposure. In first as a small village or small group of constructions, and in the huge Palais du Champ de Mars.
This is where we'll start our visit.

Russian section - Gate of Russia.

The expo visitor is primarily to a summary of Russia. Indeed, on a very small space, he finds himself to discover the wealth of products and a huge country, without tired.

It will take to the visitors half an hour to visit Russia in detail with the expo, which is limited to one side by Sweden, and the other, Italy. It's the Russia of the Exposition universelle !

Visitors can explore the extremes. The Russian exhibition is a kind of long nave. On one side is a rich Florentine style portico with fluted columns, capitals finely carved and statues of white marble. On the other hand, have fur whose appearance seems to give chills. They are presented in a simple gallery simple, such as cold and poor house of a simple Russian peasant.

Entrance of the Russian section.

The visitor of the expo is astonished by the harshness of Russian life. There are large fur with long hairs, skin's hats that fold on the ears, big leather boots to brave the snow and ice. All this suggests a very harsh climate.

The expo presents Russian everyday objects, objects where the superfluous practices have very little space.

Russian street in the Palace.

It also presented the products of culture. It's important to remember that in times of crop failure, Russia exports in different western countries, all the missing wheat from their consumption.

The products of fishing, hunting, forestry and livestock are also presented.
A showcase is completely dedicated to fishing, the work of salting and drying fish, production of caviar and the work of fishermen. It's a large industry.

Hunting is also well represented, it's learned in Siberia reached significant proportions. Moreover, taxes are paid in kind with fur, which is a private income for the Emperor.

But something drew particular the visitors of the russian expo. The showcase of Mr. Reschko Orenburg which contains a beautiful swan-skin coat! And also the products of the Belkin House in Moscow, which features clothing black fox or sable. The happiness of the ladies, and the terror of husbands.

 Russian street, cabinet photo.

The Paris visitor learns that beekeeping is a very widespread in Russia, and a valuable resource.
Honey instead of sugar, which is very expensive. Bees provide the wax candles which Orthodox churches consume an incredible amount.
The finest specimens of candles were presented by Mr Matchikhim of St. Petersburg and Mr. Moschnine of Pokrov.

The manufacture of linen is also very active in Russia and is sufficient for domestic consumption.
Russia exports aleady for several years in China, as the house of Mr. Bakine of Moscow.

A final presentation deserves comment is forest products. Pine, fir, larch, birch and cedar trees are the most common.

The wood is exported in the form of panels, boxes cars, but most of the production is used for heating.
We can easily imagine the amount of wood needed for heating in Russia, where coal mines are rare. House construction also requires a lot of wood. Most Russian houses are wooden and not last very long. According to statistics of this time, 60 000 homes burn each year, whether in town or country.

 Russian wood exhibition.

It remains the visitor to discover the last two productions.
Leather is an industry that employs about 13,000 workers in 2,500 establishments. The most notable are in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaluga, Tver and Kassan.

End with the Russian mining industry. In Russia, we find almost all metals.
Gold occurs mainly on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains.
The silver mines all belong to the Emperor of Russia.
Copper is used for a long time in Russia, and employs 11,000 workers.
Iron is the Russian metal by excellence. Despite a major production, it's not enough and the country is obliged to provide in Sweden.

 Visitors in Russian section.

This Russian expo gives to visitors the appearance of a nation full of strength and vitality. The
country seems doomed to necessity industries rather than luxury industry. The reason seems to
come from a harsh climate, its people and its government.
Thanks to its development efforts, Russia will become the connecting link between East and

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