lundi 12 janvier 2015

History - SIAM (Thailand) at Expo 1904 Saint-Louis

The Siamese Pavilion was a faithful representation of the Ben Chama Temple at Bangkok. The ground plan, seventy feet each way, had the form of a crosse, and the hall inside was sixty feet high.

The symbols of Buddhism, the lotus flower and the flame, both emblematic of purity, were in evidence everywhere in the inner and outer decorations. In the hall were the portraits of the King, the Queen and the Crown Prince of Siam. Specimens of Siamese art industries, such as delicate work in hammered brass, embroideries, musical instruments, richly worked elephant saddles and boxes inlaid with mother-of-pearl, filled the hall, the windows of which consisted in handsome transparencies depicting Siamese temples.

A visit to this building richly paid, because in a short time a great deal of information about this Oriental Kingdom could be gathered.

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