mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Belgium pavilion, by Patrick Genard and associates...

An impressive "farm" of wood, glass geode, statues in chocolate out of scale, beer bottles that are taken for stained glass ... The quirky Belgian spirit will be present.

In a few months, it's a whole Belgium, picked up on 2717 m2, which will take shape on the site of the World Expo 2015 in Milan.
The man who will take up this challenge is Patrick Genard architect engineer with very deep roots Namur and implemented for over thirty years in Barcelona. "This selection was the first challenge," summarizes the most Flawinnois Catalans.
"It has been very much detail in the choice of partners. And it will serve us all is to be built ... by April 1 "For the Expo, it starts on May 1.. Until October 31, the longer you wait to twenty million visitors.

The set point is clear: the showcase effect must bring to bear. It is also an opportunity to remind the world that our kingdom is not limited only to mussels and fries. Or even Stromae ...

Yet food, it will be much issue with the theme 2015: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".
"To design the pavilion, it was also surrounded by specialists in these issues, such as Eric Haubruge, (note: the Vice-President of Agricultural Faculty of Liège-Gembloux)," says Patrick Genard "It is. exciting. At the expo, we will discover how the population can be fed in 2050: insects, algae culture, aquaponics ... "

Educate, that is the purpose of this expo. But also charm. The seduction process, it will start with architectural aesthetics. The impressive wood frame of the "Belgian farm," a glass as half a geode egg fifteen meters high, a "DNA" staircase ...
On paper, it does not lack pace. "It highlights materials and expertise closely related to our country: wood and glass." A world first should even be presented in Milan: photovoltaic panels for a new generation.

Charm, it also involves a chip stand and another waffle ideal to entice the customer, at the entrance of the pavilion. In the evening, techno music should even agree on the site of the Belgium miniature history to recall that the New Beat was not just an accident of history ...

Seduction must also act on Italian visitors, a large majority for this Expo 2015. "There will thus be a nod to many Belgians with Italian roots: Queen Paola, Adamo, Rocco Granata ..."

Effectiveness of the North and Latin charm ... Patrick Genard knows by heart the chemical formula of Belgium. Winning formula? Answer in spring 2015, when the Milanese nightingale will start to sing.

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Patrick Genard

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