dimanche 4 janvier 2015

Belgium at Expo 2015 Milano...

Theme "Our Food, Our World – Produce Responsibly, Consume Smartly"

The Concept

Balance between man and nature, food production and consumption, is the inspiration for Belgium’s 2,717-square meter pavilion.

For centuries, food production has been one of Mankind’s activities, shaping the world we live in today, and influencing people and certain parts of society. On the other hand, food consumption has been strongly linked to human activity and nature, its habits, deeply rooted in the culture and religion of a society and reflecting people’s lifestyles. Globally, they also have a strong impact on nature, politics, society and landscape.

At Expo Milano 2015 Belgium looks to present the innovations, technologies and best practices that allow it to produce food in a responsible way, and to educate people to be responsible consumers. It will showcase and share a range of scientific and technological competences in the research and development of food and energy, stimulating a conversation on achieving the right balance between man and nature.

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