mercredi 15 avril 2015

Bolivia pavilion... in the cluster Cereals and Tubers

Theme: "Quinoa, a Future Sown Thousands of Years Ago

The Concept
The growth of the global population, the effects of climate change and resulting food issues, is a challenge being addressed by the whole world. This is where Bolivia’s traditional farming industry of quinoa could help. The Inca population called it “chisaya mama,” or the mother of all cereals. At Expo Milano 2015, all its nutritional properties, recognized by the FAO will be on show. It features genetic variety and is cultivated with organic methodology in small communities to benefit thousands of families. Quinoa could be an answer to the problem of hunger around the world, a gift from the past to help the present and the future of our planet.

The nutritional value of quinoa is excellent, containing all essential amino acids and many healing properties. Bolivia’s mission is to get back to the cultivation of quinoa as an icon of wisdom and harmony with nature. Bolivia seeks to represent the concept of Mother Earth as a dynamic system where there are many invisible connections among living things, sharing the same destiny. This is also the inspiring concept for Bolivia’s gastro-cultural and scientific activities inside its pavilion.

It is possible to taste quinoa and other Bolivian specialties inside the 125-square meter pavilion. There will also be events, seminars and meetings with Bolivian agricultural companies and show cooking activities.

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