mercredi 15 avril 2015

History - Serbian pavilion at Expo 1911 Torino

The exhibition of Serbia is the first you meet, going down the Po along the right bank, after the bridge Princess Isabella. The pavilion, in the Serbian-Byzantine style, was constructed on drawings of the engineer. prof. Tanaseric of Belgrade. The facade, arched elongated, with multicolored stripes that traverse them at alternating, is surmounted from time five domes and painted in green, a very nice effect.

From the terrace on the Po embraces, in vague statement, the landscape around the Valentino Park, the Palace of England to the medieval castle, from Ballroom to distant domes of the City of Turin and the Industrial Arts.

The interior of building comprises a nave, where the products of Serbia are disposed.
Completing exhibition of Serbia, an interesting Ethnographic Museum, which contains plastic reproduction of the Patriarchal rite The Slava, which campaigns Serbian is the feast of the patron saint of the place. This reproduction of a way to introduce the colorful costumes of the various provinces of Serbia.

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