jeudi 9 avril 2015

History - Netherlands pavilion at Expo 1939 Liège - Belgium

The Exposition of Water... at Liège - Belgium, in 1939 !

The Netherlands pavilion

Much of its territory is the result of a patient conquest of the sea and the waters, the Netherlands had to participate in beautifully to the Expositon of Water.

The large pavilion of this nation to the edge of the Meuse is every bit worthy of praise.

The exterior decorations already invite us to acknowledge the maritime power of the Netherlands. These are two large world maps retracing, one, the great voyages of discovery made by Dutch navigators and the other, the main Dutch waterways.

Inside the pavilion, the interest revolves around a large model of the waterways of the Netherlands, led by small boats powered by electricity, with the schematic representation of ports, industrial centers, airfields, lighthouses and lightships.

Documentation regarding the drainage work of Zuijderzee naturally occupies an important place, and everything related to the Ministry of Waterstaat, the most important department of the Dutch government.

On the upper floor, a large place is reserved Headlights Department under the Ministry of National Defense.

Other stands will inform the visitor usefully on trade and tourism opportunities in cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, countries such as the Dutch Limburg.

Situation of the Netherlands pavilion inside the Expo 1939 Liège :

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