lundi 20 avril 2015

Vietnam pavilion... the project...

Theme "Water and Lotus"

The Concept

Water is the most important element in the world for the nourishment and life of all living things, yet in reality, it is threatened by the effects of pollution, overfishing and waste.

The lotus flower is widespread in Vietnam, growing from the mud and expressing a disarming beauty with a capacity for purifying the water in which it thrives. This double image was chosen to convey the message of Vietnam to the international community about its commitment to actively protecting the environment and water resources.

Rice, coffee, pepper, dried fruits and seafood are its most exported products and are exhibited at Expo Milano 2015 in 887 square meters, giving maximum emphasis to the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

Video, graphics, catalogs, leaflets, but also art objects, ceramics and three shows a day are the means by which it shares with all participating Countries and visitors the wealth of its culture and food, conveying particular consideration for Italy with whom it enjoys a close diplomatic friendship.

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