mardi 14 avril 2015

Egypt pavilion in the Bio-Mediterraneo cluster...

Theme "Isis, the Flying Seed: the Incomplete Journey"

The Concept
Now is the time for the Egyptians to share their knowledge of food and renewable energy sources through a showcase of success stories. Egypt is a leading country in the Southern Mediterranean, both for its past and for the potential it can bring to the future. This belief finds expression in its pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, through two key elements: a timeline and a series of maps. History is narrated by the figure of Isis, universal symbol of fertility, offering two conceptual dimensions: globally, as a metaphor of communication and transformation; locally, as the bearer of life and resurrection.

Egypt's pavilion is present in the Bio-Mediterranean Cluster, with an exhibition space measuring ​​375 square meters, and a restaurant managed by a team of Egyptian chefs. Egypt relays events, times of greatness and historical figures over thousands of years, narrating them in global, regional or local terms, and in relation to the history of Mankind and food. "Genes and Memes" is a themed journey through the very "genes," or original characteristics of food, and the "memes," or ingredients and imported foods, which are intermingled within the Egyptian culture.

Beyond what has already taken place, Egypt is aware that you have to establish a new way of going forward and stimulate untapped potential: this is the journey ahead.

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