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History - San Marino at the Expo 1889 Paris

Photo. Gaston Luck,1889.

One of the distinguishing features of the exhibition is the part that is taken by small states. There are 11 whose visible effort is truly touching. The Republic of San Marino is in this category. This small aristocratic republic, (she is keen to see title), is absolutely independent; it lies in the center of Italy, on the slopes of the Apennines between Bologna and Ancona. The capital, San Marino, is certainly the highest capital of Europe: it is at 738 meters. This tiny republic is the rest very happy; it has no public debt, and there is not a single illiterate in the whole extent of its territory. These are the results, it's good to see.

Here at last fifteen centuries the small republic hasn't annexed any territory, and, most curious thing, that she has avoided to be annexed itself.

And thanks to the wisdom of the San Marino people that the monumental facade can be admired at the Universal Exhibition of the section of the Republic of San Marino that faces the Avenue de Suffren. This facade consists of a Renaissance door, framed tiles and bearing the arms of the Republic of San Marino, given here as a curiosity, as they are probably unfamiliar: azure three mounts supporting three silver towers crowned with plumes. To right and left of the door, are two remarkable windows of the master glassmaker Ch. Champigneulle. These windows will after the Expo, transported in San Marino, where they used to decorate the new palace that the Government build. Inside the section is quite original because the organizers were able to give it the appearance of a living room. They had the excellent idea to reach the walls of ancient tapestries which one, representing the triumph of Belisarius, is a really remarkable preservation.

Some trophies of old weapons are also great and mosaics of the third century. One of the curiosities of the section is a relief reproduction of the city of San Marino and its surroundings. This reproduction can truly be compared with plans that are similar to Louvre the ornament of the Naval Museum. At the back of the room, a beautiful carved fireplace. The sculpture is, however, the domestic industry of San Marino people. There are whole families where one is sculptor from father to son for fifteen hundred years. Then come the products of the soil: lots of iris roots, for it is on Mount Titan is collected most of the roots are used to flavor our stylish lingerie.

In summary, the Republic of San Marino, which, in 1878, for the first time took part in an expo and obtained, on his debut, a respectable number of awards, has since then significantly increased its trade relations; we are pleased to see, for it's good to remember that the government of the Republic of San Marino was one of the first who has promised to the French government to take a formal part in the Expo.
(Source : Guide Bleu du Figaro, 1889)

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