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History - Montenegro pavilion at Expo 1905 Liege - Belgium

Montenegro pavilion - Expo 1905 Liege - Belgium

Montenegro participated for the first time in this Expo of Liège 1905. Its graceful pavilion, fresh and elegant, near with the one of Serbia, establishing between their architectures kinship as it is between the two governments.

Modest, charming, it appears under the green dome that made him the great trees of the park, a Serbian modernized worls, emblazoned on the bright colorful egret its roof its flag which shall ensure, in his costume Petiatrik, a great soldier.

To decorate inside the pavilion, designed by Mr. Carbonaro, Venetian artist, HRH Prince Danilo, heir to the throne, and President Minister, the Voivode Petrovich, lent a superb collection of oriental weapons worthy of a museum. Rare coins, curious, before which fans fall in love.

To complete the decoration, there were carpets, fabrics, embroidery and costume attesting that these people have a wonderful instinct to mix colors, match, combine, bring out the contrasts, tie the arabesque embroidery bold and delicate.

The "Co-interested Authority of Montenegro tobacco" newly created organization, brought pale golden tobacco that must be almost regret to faint blonde color blue and flavored curls.
And see the nuances of the leaves and the choice of these cigarettes Curvy, we understand smokers Orient who seem to observe the rites of a religion venerated, when engaged detachment and smoker chibouk they occur in long, fragrant spirals such tobacco which their palaces are drunk!

Further, samples of pyrethrum, of lanioc and wool represented the products of the soil.

Then, a few paintings and photographs showing various aspects of this country so characteristic. Finally, a booklet of 100 pages on Montenegro finished to educate the visitor.

And walking out of there in a long time thinking of what patriarchal Montenegro where women are so beautiful and men so fierce, where love of freedom does not feel curbed under a large power, paternal and debonair, where Prince wants to be a citizen like all the proud people of the mountains, with a great home for the palace instead of the cottage of his subjects!

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