mercredi 6 août 2014

CHILE... Recipes and Photos...

CHILE has a beautiful Facebook page... with always marvellous photos, and Chilean recipes... to try !

What dish do you know Easter Island? 
Similar to how a curanto the hole is made in the south of Chile. The "Umu Pae" is one of the traditional dishes of Easter Island. Their preparation is done on a stone hearth, where meats and vegetables, which are then covered with banana leaves so that the steam can not escape they get.

The Chilean ceviche prepared. 
The ceviche fish is a delicacy known in much of Latin America. In Chile, thanks to our local ingredients, we get a special flavor, unique nuances.
If you go to Valparaiso, you can give a taste testing a fresh corvina ceviche or Pippin.

Lobsters of Chile. 
Our marine crustaceans are closely linked with our insular territory, varying in name and form, depending on where they are located.
In Juan Fernández, once captured lobsters are transported to the mainland by plane, to get the flavor and freshness of # ElAmordeChile on our tables.

Kneading bread: a field trip.
That indescribable feeling of taking a fresh homemade bread, break it and let all the steam out of a spectacular mass, everywhere you look. You can use Pebre, butter or even eat it alone, and better if it comes from a wood stove, because that flavor is unmatched.

Mass corn pie. 
As in all families, the recipes change depending on who prepares them. Chilean cuisine is alive and seeks to reinvent with new techniques and accompaniments, putting hands in cooking.
How do you prepare you corn pie?

Chilean casserole. 
In Latin America there are many ways to prepare cooked or pots, but few resemble a Chilean casserole.
This dish of our country is rooted with the Creole cuisine since its inception. Either beef or chicken should always be accompanied with the ubiquitous pumpkin, corn and potatoes.
How do you prefer the pan with beef or chicken?

The Beans: Preparations for everyone. 
It is one of the most iconic and versatile repertoire of our national dishes. They can be prepared in winter as in summer, changing its preparation. Prepare them with porridge, or even pomegranates reins, taking the seasonality of corn in spring.
How do you like most?

Rain + Cold = Sopaipillas! 
Popular and beloved, the sopaipilla is perhaps the only typical food that can be found throughout Chile. Present in carts, corners, shops and restaurants, it can be accompanied with mustard, salsa or even "past" with molasses and orange.
And you, how do you like more: salty or sweet?

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