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Italy pavilion... at Expo 1925 Grenoble - France

Exposition internationale de la Houille Blanche et du Tourisme de 1925, à Grenoble.

This is a rather special exposition with a specific theme: International Exhibition of hydroelectric power and tourism

The involvement of foreign powers in the Exposition of 1925 in Grenoble has led either by the construction of palaces and private houses or in significant improvements in the special grand palace dedicated to them by the Commissioner General. In both cases, they have made ​​a considerable effort, taking into account especially the general difficulties which have delayed decisions.

The Pavilion of Italy : 

The Italian section consists of the following exposures: 

  1. A large pavilion on the central plaza of the exposition, on the left, in front of the illuminated fountains; 
  2. In the same location, a large pavilion at right of the fountains; 
  3. In the pavilion material Railway, an exhibition of the equipment used for the electrification of railways; 
  4. A hydraulic turbine of 15,000 HP, installed in a special pavilion, erected between the Palace of Foreign Exhibition and the French Exhibition of white Coal; 
  5. Various columns of reinforced concrete distributed in several places of the Exhibition.

Designated in the catalog, electricity companies submit photographs and plans of the larger installations, as well as maps and profiles illustrating the importance of their services.

Grand Pavilion : 

The pavilion, which covers an area of ​​750sqm, consists of a central body that houses the exhibitors the Ministry of Public Works and Electric Associations, and two wings; one on the right, looking at the front of the building, where all the companies that produce energy, have combined their facilities; the left, where the hydraulic and electrical equipment for power stations and lines.
Opposite the entrance is a map of Italy, on the scale of 1/500 000th, with light indication of power plants into service from 1895 until 1925.

Location of the greater Italy Pavilion in Expo 1925 Grenoble.

Tourism and Railways of State: 

The pavilion of Tourism occupies a space of 400sqm which is divided into three parts: a wing to the right of the main entrance, another left, completely surrounded by the outer walls of the pavilion, and, finally, a central wing.

The Information Office of the Exhibition of Ente Nazionale Industrie Turistiche (ENIT) and Railways of the state, completely occupy the right wing, while the left wing meets the Exhibition of various tourism organizations Italian. In the pavilion include ink ENIT and Railways.

Next to the stand of "Caves Postumia" and "Touring Club Italiano", in the central wing are shown the hospitality organizations and others related to tourism in general.

Quite beside the main entrance is a Information desk where staff ENIT is responsible for the distribution of publications launched by the Ente Nazionale Industrie Turistiche same. The staff also provides more information about tourism, media, places of residence, the climatic stations; and information regarding the various exhibitors.

In the center stand and the one in front of the entrance, are placed, in addition to all the propaganda of ENIT - closets, pictures, tables, etc., which mimic the natural and artistic beauties of the Italy.

Source: Official Guide Books Grenoble 1925

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