lundi 18 août 2014

The Canal and the Lake Arena

The Canal
Imagined as an island, the Site is surrounded by a canal that introduces one of the primary constituent factors of this "extraordinary landscape": water. This element is symbolically linked to the theme of Expo 2015 and to Milan, with its canals, and also makes it possible to irrigate the green areas and control the local microclimate.
The Canal will have a total length of 4.5 km and an average width of 4.5 metres, covering a total surface area of approximately 90,000 square metres. The Canal will range in depth from 30 to 70 cm. The channel will be made of reinforced concrete faced in light-coloured cobblestones.
Water is supplied to the Canal directly from the existing Villoresi Canal, which crosses the area north of Milan and will flow into a new channel feeding directly into the Milan city dock (Darsena) in the heart of the city. The redevelopment of these waterways is part of the larger Waterways Project: a complex landscape and environmental enhancement project for the open areas to the west of the city, the city canals (Navigli) and the irrigation network. The result will be 125 km of bicycle and foot paths along the canals, which will be redeveloped and made available for use by the public.
Water will also be a technical element on the Expo Site with engineered wetlands to purify rainwater and runoff and supply it for irrigation to the local farmlands and its use to create a varied range of microclimates to ensure all visitors will find "weather to suit their clothes".

Lake Arena
At roughly 90 metres in diameter (almost 100 if the four surrounding rings of tiers are included), Lake Arena is the largest open-air visitor facility at Expo Milano 2015. It is surrounded by a piazza measuring roughly 28,000 square metres, accommodating up to 20,000 visitors, with some 100 trees arranged concentrically in three rows.
The pool is 70 cm in depth and fed by the perimeter canal. Its bed will be lined with dark cobbles to help create a mirror effect.
A system of waterworks, audio and lights at the centre of the pool will delight the eyes and ears of the visitors.

Photos of Works (august 2014)

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