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Discover El Salvador June 17 to August 19

Latinoamericando: Discover El Salvador
Milan - Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 6, 20090 Assago Milano Forum di Assago / 3 August

Mexico,  Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, are just some of the countries that have added zest to the atmosphere of Latinoamericando, the culture and music festival celebrating South America that began on June 17 and that ends on August 19 at the Assago Forum in Milan. It represents a special opportunity to get to know some of the Countries that next year will be guests of Expo Milano 2015. Sunday, August 3 will be dedicated to El Salvador, as a day organized by its Consulate General in Milan.

The day will begin with greetings from the Consul General of this Central American Country in Milan, Karla Gerogina Martinez Herrera, and will continue with photographic and visual exhibitions on El Salvador’s culture, celebrities, tourism and gastronomy. Poetry provides a backdrop, along with music, and an introduction to the Salvadoran poet Claudia Lars.

El Salvador at Expo Milano 2015: The Flavors of Coffee

Along the slopes of the mountain ranges of El Salvador are planted a number of different varieties of coffee: Metapán, with its sweet scent of chocolate, citrus and caramel; Balm-Quezaltepec, suggesting notes of honey, caramel and fruit; Chicontepec, its creamy flavor with hues of fruit and chocolate; Tecapa Chinameca with its myriad of floral fragrances and vanilla, and the sweet variety of Tecapa Chinameca.

El Salvador takes part in Expo Milano 2015 within the Coffee Cluster, and, with its concept “Quality and Diversity of Coffee. Sustainable and Competitive Production” emphasizes the strategic importance of this product in terms of its economic, social and environmental contributions. The Country's economy is based largely on plantation farming and indeed on its Pavilion, which extends over 125 square meters, there will be a photographic exhibition on its history of agriculture and the exhibition "Certified Coffee Plantations".

Visitors can then discover coffee and the unique landscape which gives it life.

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