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Space and Infopoint for Tourists and Residents

Inauguration of The Darsena Center, the New Events Space and Infopoint for Tourists and Residents

It’s a place to get information about Expo Milano 2015.  The work entailed the redevelopment of the dock and Piazza XXIV Maggio,  and is now a  place to have fun, attend events and  meet new people. The Darsena Center is a two-story structure with a garden that is located in Viale Gorizia (in front of Viale Gorizia 22) located on the building site of the dock.The center will contain a variety of offerings.

The space was opened this morning by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Planning, Ada Lucia De Cesaris and the Director of Institutional Affairs of Expo 2015 S.p.A., Roberto Arditti. The Darsena (The Dock) will form part of the heritage of the Universal Exposition: thanks to the project which includes the creation of pedestrian areas and the almost complete pedestrianization of Piazza XXIV Maggio. This ancient port of Milan will once again be a symbol of the city.

A space to learn, have fun and  meet others

There are many services available to visitors at the Darsena Center.  The area has OpenWi-fi, a free high-speed  connection to surf  the internet. On  the ground floor there is a water dispenser  for still and sparkling water along with two screens projecting videos dedicated to the themes of the Universal Exposition and the redevelopment work going on in the area.

In addition, maps will be distributed by the Department of City Planning in view of Expo Milano 2015. The maps are a useful guide for tourists and sightseeing and are inspired by the itinerary "Milano Romana" the (re) discovery of the ancient city from Via San Giovanni sul Muro to  San Lorenzo and includes  suggested paths highlighting  cultural, tourist, historical, landscapes and the environment through thirty farms of the agricultural district of Milan.

Every afternoon, from 3:30-6:30PM, the Darsena Center, will be offer organized activities for children who will enjoy coloring the drawings of the mascot Foody and for older children there is the chance to compete in the board game of Expo Milano 2015.

Starting in September there will also be the energy helpdesk from the environmental policies sector of the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Amat: where information and support to citizens will be provided on the proper maintenance of heating systems and energy efficiency.

What's Milan Darsena ?

The redevelopment of the City’s harbor, La Darsena, will be one of the Expo Milano 2015 projects to leave a legacy to Milan and Lombardy. Its reconstruction will restore to the City its harbor and an historical, symbolic site in Milan. The project, developed by architects Edoardo Guazzoni, Paolo Rizzatto, Sandro Rossi and Studio Bodin&Associés, foresees the restyling of the ancient port and the redefinition of adjacent spaces, with an investment of approximately 19 million euro. The operation consists of renovating the banks of the La Darsena, with new pedestrian areas and a new waterfront for tourist boat trips, and the redevelopment of Piazza XXIV Maggio, which will be almost completely pedestrianized and planted with green areas. New tree-lined walks are planned parallel on both sides of the dock, while on the western edge of the basin a garden will be developed that leads down to the water’s edge.

More about Milan Darsena

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