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History - Pavilion of Monaco at Expo 1878 Paris

The Monaco pavilion, by Albert Robida, 1878.

Nothing more charming than this pavilion: it brought great credit to Mr. Ernest Janty, a young architect of great merit, which has demonstrated an understanding of the design, rather rare in our modern builders.
It is a corner of Eden Monaco transported in full Champ-de-Mars, which lacks only the blue of the Mediterranean to make the illusion complete.
Under the palm trees of Monte Carlo, swinging their slender plumes amidst agave flowers, aloes and cacti, the crowd presses worldly accustomed to Monaco.

A soft murmur invites us to enter the pavilion is a gushing fountain which sprays will stroking the foliage of a beautiful fan palm.
Here are disposed with perfect taste lovely products as their country of origin.
They are an original pottery and gay kind, where the fantasy of the artist knows the mind recall with Hinterland. Then, curiously wrought ivory, witness this beautiful mirror where more than a graceful face was already mired; exquisite mosaics and thousand loveliest objects than each other fancy goods.
Bertall and Monselet are ceramists for the occasion. This one got away with two quatrains that ran all Paris, that one with fantasies where he put all the spirit we know it.
A little further, on shelves, bottles shining in their sides that trap the crystal fragrance of Liguria; God knows what he has poured out on this sunny land! The laboratory Monte Carlo stole the Creator some of his secrets, and, disdaining cheating of contemporary science that draws its essence from coal and less pure origins is the very flower of the orange he took the scent of a cologne, unrivaled in the world.
The rose, verbena, cassie, tuberose, the modest violet herself, and others I forget we had to give their fragrance Monegasque chemists, to the delight of the most beautiful half of humanity .
Then it was the turn of the less beautiful half, who delights to sample liquors Monaco, which are well worth those of Martinique and we have on hand.
But do you tell me, who has created these wonders on the once barren rock of Monte Carlo? Not an echo answers to Monaco by the revered name of Mrs. Mary White, the good fairy who all population must ease and happiness based on work.

La Vie Parisienne, September 14, 1878.

Pavillon de la Principauté de Monaco - Expo 1878 Paris - Photo Gaston Lucq

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