mercredi 6 août 2014

UN Pavilion | Zero Hunger Challenge

The UN will bring the vision of a hunger-free world to Expo Milano 2015, through the "Zero Hunger Challenge", demonstrating to visitors how it is possible to end hunger in our lifetime, how this can only be achieved if we work together and how they can and need to be part of the solution. For the first time in the history of Universal Expositions, the UN will not have a single pavilion but instead a horizontal presence, with content in numerous areas throughout the Expo site.

Produced by
FAO, IFAD, WFP, United Nations and Expo Milano.
Art direction: Antonella Porfido and arch. Matteo Gatto
Motion designer: Roberto Laurenzi -
Expo 2015 supervisor: Elisa Barracu
Screenplay: Antonella Porfido and Giacomo De Besi
Media relations: Andrea Tornese
Communication consultant: Aoife Riordan
UN Expo team coordinator: Clara VelezFraga

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