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From 1851 to 2015, Italy in World Expos...

Monday, 15 September 2014, 18:30 
Lucia Masina 
Paolo Dalla Sega 
Moderator : Carlo Durante

Teatrino di via Cino del Duca, 8

London, 1851, Milano 2015 These are the dates that circumscribe the story along almost two centuries, the Universal Exhibitions.

These major events have always been able to inspire a sense of wonder in visitors, thanks to the futuristic inventions and machinery displayed in the halls, entering in fact, on tiptoe, in the antechamber of the next era.

Italy has always been present in these important international meetings, bringing on the global spread the fruits of that creativity, that the world has always recognized.

But what it really means to host an Expo? What is the history of the Italian participation?

What legacies in the arts, urban planning, economic and, perhaps more importantly, as the visitor's personal legacy, in terms of momentum toward the future and the national sentiment?

A few months after the beginning of Expo 2015, we ask ourselves, in the third round of the Bracco Foundation meets on the history of Italian pavilions and the impacts that major events have on communities.

We spoke with Lucia Masina, a professor in the History of Art of the Academy of Fine Arts of L'Aquila, and Paul Dalla Sega, lecturer in Urban Enhancement and major events all 'Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

1851 - 2015 L'Italia in mostra nelle Esposizioni Universali

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